A New Addition to the House of 100 Stories Series: "A Sky House of 100 Stories"

August 2017

The media artist and illustrator Toshio Iwai has found great success with his House of 100 Stories series, which is made up of "A House of 100 Stories (2008)", "An Underground House of 100 Stories (2009)", and "An Undersea House of 100 Stories (2014)". Each work is distinguished by its format, which features vertical double page spreads packed with detailed illustrations of the lives of the animals living in each story. The series was a smash hit from the first book, capturing the minds of young readers nationwide. The series has sold more than 2.7 million copies to date.
Now Iwai has taken to the skies for this long-awaited fourth instalment in the series. After the publication of the last book in the series, "An Undersea House of 100 Stories", we were inundated with questions suggestions from children about the next book: “where will it be set?”, “could it be in space?”.
The star of the new book is a little bird called Tsupi. On a cold, snowy day, little Tsupi finds a single sunflower seed. But he is so very hungry that a single seed won’t fill him up at all! “I’ll have to spread my wings and make more seeds!”, thinks Tsupi, and sets off into the skies to find a place to plant his seed.
The creatures who live in this new House of 100 Stories are a little different to those we have seen before: clouds, raindrops, rainbows, and gusts of wind are just some of the friends Tsupi meets on his journey. But what awaits Tsupi at the very top of the House of 100 Stories, a place he eventually reaches with the help of everyone he meets on the way?
We hope that readers will enjoy discovering the rich detail in "A Sky House of 100 Stories", which shines a new light on the connections among living creatures, plant life, and the natural world.

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NEW! A Sky House of 100 Stories


"Night Sounds": a book that flows and resonates like animation

August 2017

The wonderful new book "Night Sounds" is a distillation of the talents of animator Shigeru Tamura. The book depicts the mere dozens of seconds it takes a young boy to walk around a pond to his grandfather’s house. Against the stillness of the night, sounds emerge: of the animals on the banks of the pond, of the carp swimming in the pond, of the train speeding along the tracks.
Each page reveals a new shift in the scene, creating a dynamic flow to the book that feels similar to watching an animation. Illustrated in beautiful jewel tones of blue, this exceptional book is well worth a look.

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NEW! Night Sound


Make, play, enjoy! New craft books inspired by two of our best sellers

August 2017

Two of our most popular picture books, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Masks", have been transformed into build-it-yourself paper craft books. "Masks" is a dynamic picture book with page after page of bold, beautiful masks. Young readers have long played creatively with the book, holding the masks flaps up to their faces to try and “wear” the masks. This new craft book lets them go one stage further, with masks to cut out and wear for themselves. The book features two types of mask, pre-coloured and black-and-white, meaning that children can personalise the masks as they choose.
"PA-PE-Ra: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends" is a paper craft book featuring the universally recognised characters from Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The characters can be built using the PA-PE-Ra technique, which doesn’t use any tape or glue. The shapes in the book need to be cut out with a cutter or scissors, and construction slits made. After this, the creatures can be assembled by slotting the shapes together. These craft books are ideal for families looking to be creative together.

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NEW! Make and Play! Masks
NEW! PA-PE-Ra The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends