"A Full Moon in the Sky Tonight" Wins the Japan Picture Book Award

May 2017

"A Full Moon in the Sky Tonight", by renowned author-illustrator Ryoji Arai wins the 22nd Annual Japan Picture Book Award. The Japan Picture Book Award was established in 1995, in order to both promote the art of pictures books and to encourage the wider enjoyment of picture books among readers, as well as to contribute to the advancement of the picture book publishing industry. It is now one of the most prestigious awards in Japan to celebrate excellence in picture books. Arai’s winning book is a celebration of the moment of joy to be found when looking up and seeing a full moon, as well as a warm and intimate look at the everyday lives of people interweaving beneath that same beautiful moon. The striking, abstract-like illustrations make this picture book truly a pleasure to read.

full moon full moon
A Full Moon in the Sky Tonight


"Friends Around The World" Series Wins the Sankei Children’s Book Award!

May 2017

"The Friends Around The World" series is made up of 36 volumes, each an intimate photographic essay on the everyday home life of a different child in a different country. The series has now been awarded the 64th Annual Sankei Children’s Book Award. The award, which was established in 1954 in order to ensure that future generations of children were brought up with outstanding children’s literature, is one of Japan’s most celebrated accolades, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Japan Picture Book Award. The children who appear in each of the series volumes share common elements to their everyday routines, regardless of where they live: getting up, going to school, playing with friends, eating dinner with family. Other aspects of their lives, however, are unique to the country and culture they call home: customs, festivals, and special dishes. The life of each child is captured in vivid, intimate images that resonate with the reader. What does the series say about your country?

The Friends Around The World


See You Next Year!

May 2017

We were delighted to take part in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which was held in Italy from 3 April to 6 April. This year, we featured a display of tactile picture books, complete with Braille. Tactile picture books are a product we are investing a great deal in, together with many other children’s publishers in Japan. We were very pleased with the positive feedback received from our many visitors.
We hope to see many of you again next year in Bologna.

bologna bologna