"Oil Beetle" Wins the Shogakukan Cultural Prize in Publishing for Children’s Literature

November 2017

"Oil Beetle", the latest addition to a series dedicated to detailed depictions of the lives of insects, has won the prestigious Shogakukan Cultural Prize in Publishing for Children’s Literature.
The Shogakukan Cultural Prize in Publishing for Children’s Literature was established by Shogakukan, a publishing company, in 1952. The prize celebrates excellence in literary works recommended for boys and girls, and is one of Japan’s most prestigious industry awards.
"Oil Beetle", by Hiroshi Tateno", describes the life of the humble oil beetle, whose larvae hatch out groups of eggs 4000-strong and must then make their way into the nests of mining bees, where they grow into adults. These beetles must navigate their way through the harsh natural environment in order to find a nest; the search is fraught with danger and many larvae are lost on the way.
This richly detailed book is the result of eight years of dedicated research by the author on the lifecycle of this little beetle, a life-and-death journey for the survival of the species.
The series also includes "Burying Beetle" and "Luehdorfia Swallowtail". Each book is the product of careful, unhurried study. The insight given into the lives of these tiny yet beautiful creatures makes them well worth the read.

tsuchihanmyo sorano1
Oil Beetle
shidemushi gifucho
Burying Beetle Luehdorfia Swallowtail


"Tiptoe Through the Tulips "

November 2017

"Tiptoe Through the Tulips " is the first picture book from illustrator and engraver Yoko Yamamoto. This is the first time the artist, who is primarily known for her copperplate engravings, has written as well as illustrated a children’s story.
One autumn evening, two young tulip bulbs, Kaori and Banana, are swept up by the Bulb Bird, eventually finding themselves in Java and a Turkish palace.
Each of the girls meets many characters on their journey, before eventually being reunited. By the time they are brought back together, they have both come to learn the secret of why tulips have the power to make people happy.
This beautiful book is a fantastic imagining of the bonds between the passing seasons and life itself.

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NEW! Tiptoe Through the Tulips


"Two Makes One"

November 2017

A little girl drops one of a pair of mittens knitted for her by her mother. She looks everywhere for her precious mitten, but it is nowhere to be found.
Then one day, she sees passing before her a cat carrying just one shoe. By following that cat, she meets someone with a very special story.
This is the second book from Minako Kajiri, whose debut publication was "Before the Snow Falls". This, too, is a heart-warming story with tenderness and charm.

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NEW! Two Makes One
Before the Snow Falls


"The Way Home in the Night " selected as one of The Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2017

November 2017

"The Way Home in the Night " (by Akiko Miyakoshi / Kids Can Press) has been chosen as one of the ten "Best Illustrated Children's Books of 2017", an award awarded by annually by The New York Times since 1952.
This year marks the 65th anniversary of the award, and the first time that the awards have been run in partnership with the New York Public Library. As such, the name of the award has officially changed from The New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books to simply The Best Illustrated Children's Books. What remains unchanged is the criteria on which the books are judged for this peerless award: artistic merit, pure and simple.
Miyakoshi's work was highly praised by the judging panel: "A sleepy little bunny is carried home through the city by her parents, ending up safe in her own bed. With their cinematic feel and charmingly anthropomorphic animals, Miyakoshi’s pencil and charcoal drawings capture the ever-changing delights of nighttime city life while evoking almost physical feelings of comfort, support and family love".
The book also received a special mention in the Fiction category of the Bolgona Ragazzi Award at the 2016 Bologna Children's Book Fair. This latest accolade is yet further testament to its international appeal. For those who have not yet seen the book, this is the perfect time to take a look.

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The Way Home in the Night